Opening a Pomegranate Under Water

I’ve eaten pomegranates all my life and until this year, when I’m approaching 32 years old, I had never tried opening a pomegranate under water. I’ve always just plucked them as I eat them, ending up with brown and yellow fingertips.

DEATHLY AFRAID of popping any of them due to the terrible dark red staining factor of the juice, it took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to eat one. If I bought it at Costco, it took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R x5 because apparently POM Wonderful plucks all the monstrously giant poms and reserves them for Costco.

A tray is terribly expensive here in Hawaii, going for $13.99 for a tray of 6, but I always buy them whenever I can because I’ve always had the impression that pomegranates aren’t the most popular fruits and I keep thinking that if I don’t help keep sales decent with my meager 3-4 tray purchases a season, then they won’t carry them again the next year.


Fortunately and unfortunately, POM Wonderful sent me like 25 coupons for free poms from Safeway, so now I’m in a pomegranate eating frenzy so that I can start my yearly Keep-in-Stock ritual with Costco’s pomegranates.

Anyway, enjoy the video. It really is super fast and pretty fun too.

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  1. The only junky part about it is that you have to pick all the rotten seeds out from under the water too. At least they’re easy to spot if you let it soak a bit though.

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