Garden Update: January 9, 2011

I keep taking pictures of the garden and then falling behind on posting them, which really frustrates me because some of the older ones are the nicer ones.

Anyway, here we go:


These are our basil plants gone wild. If you squint you can even see them having a wet t-shirt contest.


My cilantro plant is doing really well considering it was a pathetic looking plant I bought from City Mill for like a dollar.


The dill is also from City Mill and doing well. This is my favorite thing to feed to the bunnies as it smells great and they love it.


We had the house painted recently and one of the painters stepped right into the middle of our oregano, so I have to watch carefully when I use it. Not that I could ever use this much…

Flat Leaf Parsley

My go-to plant for fresh garlic bread!


I have to find myself some rosemary recipes, cause I’ve only ever used this once and it’s getting wild looking.

Rubbish Tomatoes

These are what I call the “rubbish” tomatoes cause no one planted it, it just sprung up one day by the clothesline. I used it in my bento today. They looked fantastic!

Grape Tomatoes

These are the grape tomatoes I picked and used in the Tomato Basil Penne. You can see how sickly the plant looks. 🙁


I can’t remember what kind of tomatoes these are, but I think they’re sickly as some of them have spots and they fall before they’re fully ripe.


Our lone pomegranate is still going strong and is about the size of a tangerine now! 😀 I think maybe a dozen others have come and gone.

Weekend Accomplishment

This is my Sunday accomplishment. The yard is full of dead grass roots, so I had to dig up the top layer, shake the roots out, pull the weeds, and till the soil with my hands and a small spade. It hurt so badly that night that I had to take Aleve. We planted two types of watermelon called “Early Moonbeam” and “Sun and Stars” and black soy beans. I haven’t finished the third row.

I have to figure out what to put there. Apparently broccoli and bell peppers don’t like to be by pole beans, which sucks, cause I planted the soy beans in the middle row. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Garden Update: January 9, 2011”

  1. I use rosemary a lot in roasted meals, I find it goes great with various meats and especially taters. Lucky you and your garden! My window ledge only gets half an inch of real sunshine for about half an hour on sunny days. :p Spider plants seem to thrive on this, however!

  2. You can roast a chicken with rosemary, thyme, and lemon. You can make honey-rosemary ice cream. You can braise anything (chicken/pork/lamb/beets for example) with some sprigs of rosemary thrown in for good measure. You can add it to your baking (bread/cookies). It’s a little overpowering when too much by itself but it blends really nicely with thyme and garlic.
    Here are some ideas:–and-Lemon-Infused-Honey

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