Review: Sempio Bulgogi Sauce

A couple of weeks ago, I did a review on Sempio’s Kalbi Sauce, which I really liked since I was a simple matter of marinating meat and frying it in a pan. Last week, while I was grocery shopping, I saw another bag of Sempio sauce, this time it was Bulgogi Sauce.

Bulgogi Sauce

I marinated a tray of thinly sliced beef in sauce for about 15 minutes, then topped it with some chopped green onions and about a tbsp of sesame seeds.

Bell Peppers

I have only eaten bulgogi like one time at a Korean takeout place, so I went by what I saw on the package and used a mandoline to slice up a green and orange belle pepper. The orange one was a lot bigger…

Meat Cooking

I added the meat to my cast iron skillet with no oil and cooked until it was almost fully browned.

Peppers Cooking

Next, I added the bell peppers and began freaking out that my skillet was too small. I worked carefully and managed to get it cooked down to a manageable level. Sadly, the food suddenly became very watery because of the bell peppers.

I ended up making a quick cornstarch and water mixture to thicken the sauce as I didn’t want to totally overcook the peppers and the water didn’t look like it was going away. I probably committed ten kinds of Korean home cooking sins by doing that, but that’s just a guess, so I’ll live happily in ignorance for now.


I wasn’t aware until I read up on it, but apparently you’re supposed to eat bulgogi with lettuce leaves, so I took out the bag of lettuce I’d picked yesterday and washed leaves for us to eat it with.

Sadly, the lettuce was still pretty bitter (you have to let it sit for at least a day to get the bitterness out) and so I ended up just serving it on top of a bowl of rice, which is usually how I’ve seen it served in a plate lunch anyway.

Bulgogi Bowl

This tasted pretty awesome and I packed the leftovers in a bento. I’ll definitely be using the rest of the sauce again when I see thin-sliced beef available in the market!

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