My Ongoing Egg-ony

I’ve tried so many different things to help myself get over my Egg Hurdle, but no matter how good I can sometimes be, eggs still come back and laugh their asses off at me from time to time. I’ve blogged many, many time about my trials with cooking eggs and the torment still hasn’t ended.

Egg Disaster

This was the pan after I’d made myself some scrambled eggs with onion and bell peppers. I let the pan get good and hot and made sure I added enough oil to keep it separated from the pan. I’ve done this many times before without problems, so I don’t know what went wrong here other than it was just time for me to be put back into my egg cooking sea of despair.

Bell Pepper & Onion Eggs

My only consolation was that the eggs tasted good.

6 thoughts on “My Ongoing Egg-ony”

  1. Naw, I’ve cooked eggs in this pan before with no problems. 🙁 Like this morning I made Mr. Pikko scrambled eggs in the same pan and it was fine!

  2. I have this problem when my pan with oil (spray type usually) gets too hot and I don’t move the eggs, while liquid-y, around in the pan enough. I’m no expert in eggs so I can’t say if it is the heat, the actual scrambling, or a combo – but I find those are usually the factors involved when my pan looks like yours.
    Even with that knowledge, my pans come out looking like that much too often.

  3. Well I guess it’s some consolation that it’s not just me. lol

    I used butter yesterday for Mr. Pikko’s eggs and that stayed nice and slick!

  4. My Sister Can Not Cook Eggs, Lol. So She Uses A Pan Of Water And More Or Less Poaches Them. (She Can’t Flip Either) So She Gently Pushes Water Over The Eggs Until They Are Ready. Easy And She Has Been Doing It For Years.

  5. Hi there!

    I think that your problem is : the oven is too high. Eggs cook really fast, and it gets this “lovely” effect when the oven is at a high temperature, or you heated it too fast.
    Working in a restaurant that sadly does eggs at any time (even at supper time, and let me tell you, fiiting a egg between steaks is a pain!) i’ve seen this occur many times, when our cooking “plaque” (sorry, english isn’t my main language…) is up to a “cook the steak” temperature.

    I suggest you to start at a low -medium temperature, and to not get it higher than that. It takes longer at first, but in my case there is less glued eggs and nightmares after!

    Hope it will work for you! Love your blogs !^^

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