Garden Update: February 2011

I keep slacking with my garden updates, even though I’ve been pretty good about taking pictures.

Moon and Stars Melon

The Moon & Stars melon plants are doing really well and I was excited to see this little melon, but it didn’t survive, probably because the plant wasn’t big enough yet. I saw another this week and this one was much bigger with an actual yellow blot on it.

Moon & Stars Melon March 2

I was pretty upset when, the day after I showed this one to Mr. Pikko, a bug went and ate a big hole in it. >:(

Black Soybeans

This was my black soybean plant on February 17, with a few pods starting to come out. The plant is still pretty short, I’m not sure why it’s not getting taller.

 Black Soybean

This is the plant on February 27, with a ton more pods, but still not much more height. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them. Every recipe I find says “1 can black soybeans”. Bah.


The pomegranate is finally starting to ripen! It’s about slightly larger than my fist. I’m hoping once we pick this one, some of the others will survive. Right now all they do is drop off the tree.


Our cilantro bolted like crazy and then the wind from 2 days ago splattered them all to the ground. I’m hoping with some sun they’ll stand up again. The same with our basil, which totally got boweled over by the sideways rain.

I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with bolted cilantro. I’m guessing I leave it there and then harvest coriander? I’ll have to go check my seed book to see how to do that.


Another tiny cabbage sprout popped up, but I don’t think this one will survive. The other one is being totally killed by caterpillars.

Cabbage, defeated

The poor thing, right? 🙁


Broccoli sure takes a long time to grow…

Green Beans

We currently have two little bean plants that aren’t even a foot tall and they’ve managed to give us quite a few beans. We ate these last week boiled with shoyu-mayo sauce. Yummy!!


Here’s my shiso plant. After scattering a bunch of Aina Ola red shiso seeds, nothing came up, so I bought a plant from Home Depot. After that, the shiso seeds started to pop up (upper right of the plant). The purchased plant is doing really well, giving GIGANTIC shiso leaves. I fried two for tempura this week and they were about the size of my entire hand. Craaazy! I’m going to eat another today with my ramen.

White Lunar Carrots

During a bout of rain a couple weeks back, my white lunar carrots, roma tomato, and beefsteak tomato plants both got soaked. Instead of throwing them away, I flung the seeds willy nilly into my little garden plot. I’d filled in one row to make a wide bed and that’s where they went. Three tomato plants popped up as well, but I don’t know which kind they are. I’ll probably transplant them to the front yard later.

I moved my sugar snap pea, Knight green pea, cucumber, and rutabaga seedlings outside to the same plot. I don’t have high hopes for the rutabaga, as it’s supposed to have cool weather.

My radishes are supposed to be ready on the 16th, but I have doubts on whether bulbs will form. The rain keeps splattering the dirt off and I can see the red part of the stem exposed. I’ll be re-digging the area and adding more dirt to make it a wide bed and covering up the bottoms in the hopes I can save them.

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