Review: Lemon & Herb Chicken Helper

Whole Grain Helper: Lemon Herb ChickenWhen I was a kid, I was introduced to Hamburger Helper by my Aunty P, who was visiting my grandma from Honolulu and was used to cooking stuff like this to feed her three boys. She cooked the Lasagna box (on sale right now on Amazon AND eligible for SS shipping) and added a few slices of cheese on top. Since lasagna was Garfield’s favorite food and he was my favorite character, I was instantly sold.

For that reason, I’ve been making and serving Hamburger Helper to my own family for years, especially since Mr. Pikko loves the stuff too. I think it’s the only thing he actually knows how to cook, though he doesn’t actually do any cooking with me around. The weird thing is, I don’t think his mom has ever made it. Such things are beneath such a great home cook as her.

But not me! Haha! I’m all about fast and easy and good and that’s just what these boxes are. For that reason, I was more than willing to try this new box of Whole Grain Chicken Helper: Lemon & Herb Chicken. I bought a tray of chicken breasts, which isn’t as cheap as hamburger, but whatever. The instructions said to cut up the breasts into about 5 pieces, which tells me that either their test kitchen uses really small-breasted chickens or I just did it wrong. I ended up cutting the pieces into 1 inch or so cubes, as it looked like that in the front picture.

After that, you’re to mix the chicken pieces up with the seasoning packet (there are two packets, so don’t mix them up) and then heat up some butter in a skillet.

Lemon Herb Chicken Cooking

At this point, the chicken smelled heavenly and I was pretty confident that this was going to be another winner. You cook the chicken until it’s golden brown on each side, then add the noodles and cook as you usually do with other Helpers.

This Helper comes with another packet of “Glaze”, which you’re to sprinkle on after the noodles are done cooking and then let it simmer.

Lemon Herb Chicken Glaze

Glaze is right. It looked pretty gross, actually. I plated it and snapped a photo with some edamame.

Lemon & Herb Chicken

Looks great, all set to eat!

It tasted like ass.

I am so not kidding. What smelled heavenly 15 minutes previously ended up tasting like a disgustingly wrong mixture of sweet lemon and tasty herb with soggy noodles. It was like taking some Italian seasoned chicken dish and dousing it in leftover Lemon Chicken sauce from your Chinese takeout box. I forced myself to eat it and made everyone else endure it as well because I refused to let the chicken go to waste and cook something else.

We didn’t save the leftovers. It’s possible this thing would taste okay if you left the glaze off and if you already have a box of this, PLEASE DON’T ADD IT. I hated it so much that I’m not going to try it again by buying another box. If you can do it, please let me know how it tasted and if you want, just add a little touch of the glaze to a piece of chicken so you can taste the horror that I experienced.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Lemon & Herb Chicken Helper”

  1. Ugh. You’re a brave soul my friend! I think I’ll skip the whole thing all together. I do love Cheeseburger Mac Hamburger Helper and lasagna too but once I made the stroganoff one and gagged when putting on the “sour cream” sauce packet– ugh!

  2. I’ve made the stroganoff one before and I thought it was pretty good. I really didn’t like the potatoes one, I can’t even remember what it’s called.

  3. Tasted like Ass! That truly said it all. The gagging sweet glaze doesn’t belong in this product. My husband and I both had upset stomachs overnight. I rinsed off the leftover chicken for a tasty treat for our dogs. I will never purchase this product again nor any other Betty Crocker Helper products. The sodium content is extremely high. One of the worst is the Hamburger and Macroni, so salty that it isn’t palatable. Better have a gallon jug of water handy. Hate all of it! Wish I had read reviews first.

  4. You are so right…I got this tonight and made it, and it was disgusting. I took a bite before the glaze, and it was still nasty. I had to dump a lot of lemon pepper on it, and it only made it a tiny bit better, but still hardly edible.

    I ended up just eating the rest of the chicken pieces I had on my plate, and gave the rest to my dogs. On a good note, they seemed to enjoy.

    It seems like every ‘Helper’ meal I’ve tried is terrible, except for the original Hamburger helper stroganoff. That is delicious.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed some of the Tuna Helpers and the Chicken Alfredo is pretty good. This one is just horrible though. Try Beef Pasta, that’s our favorite!

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