Attack of the Fried Green Tomatoes

So there’s been this “wild” tomato plant that mysteriously appeared one day in the far corner of our yard, where it bothers no one and is at least a couple yards away from anything else growing, but for some reason Mr. Pikko needed to have it pulled out and thrown into the green bins. I managed to postpone the inevitable by insisting that it was showing decently sized cherry tomatoes and since all of his grape tomatoes died, I needed something to provide my bentos with red.

I finally agreed to yank it out yesterday and it was quite the task since it was actually growing through the chain link fence and down into the canal behind our house. Little did I know just how freaking far it was growing down!!!

I began by snipping the branches in my side of the fence, then slowly lifted it up through holes in the fence bit by bit until I could reach over and grab it and then threw it in a pile of branches that I could pick through later. As I got more down the fence, I began to see just how ENORMOUS this little tomato plant that was probably born from some passing bird’s poop was turning out to be. It reached all the way down to the bottom of the canal, about eight or more feet. Crazy town!!!

I put out a beach chair and began to pluck all the tomatoes off, green ones and all. The results were just amazing.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Seriously, that’s a whole big Ziploc container worth of tomatoes. I ended up looking online and tweeting for recipe ideas and the general consensus was to try them fried, so I laid out bowls of flour, egg substitute (Costco was sold out of eggs), and a panko mixture with parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and garlic salt.

Then, as if they could smell the frying pan coming, the tomatoes made a break for it!


I kid, of course. I was just having a hard time finding the bigger ones, so I dumped it out. Boy was that a shocker. I hadn’t realized just how many tomatoes that dang plant had. Then I think about the 20 roma tomato sprouts in my backyard garden and begin to get scared.

The egg helped the crumbs stay on and I fried them up pretty easily, though obviously on too high heat because I was viciously attacked by a juice-oozing tomato that spit hot oil all over my arm.

Fried Green Tomatoes

They looked cute, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of them because they were so freaking sour inside. I think I just hadn’t cooked them all the way through, which is hard when they’re tiny little balls. I’m willing to give it another try with real tomatoes, as who doesn’t remember that scene of Idgie and Ruth in Fried Green Tomatoes?

I still have like what looks like 200 more tomatoes, so I think I might try a salsa next… If you have a tried and true delicious suggestion, let me know! I’m not too sure I’m into green tomato chutney though, to be honest…

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