Spam Jam

Okay so before you guys freak out and think I’m about to start talking about some kind of vomit-inducing recipe on how to make a breakfast preserve out of canned luncheon meat, rest assured that’s not what I’m talking about.

Now that we’ve established that, I should probably talk about the boxes of food I had stored up for when food got expensive and I wanted to start avoiding making weekly trips to the grocery store. Like, you know, now? Gas is craaaazy expensive now and of course, when gas goes up, transporting food goes up and therefore, food goes up.

Ever resourceful, I used the many Costco Pull-Ups diaper boxes I had from that nightmarish period of our lives when both our children were using diapers and pooping our money away. I turned them inside out and stored canned goods in them. One of them was dedicated solely to cans of Spam and this made it through the meal moth purge from our old place to the house.

Spam Box

I even labeled it with my fancy pants lettering that I picked up from my scrapbooking days. Having used up all the cans from the pantry, I decided to bust this baby open.

Uh oh...




Actually, it wasn’t as bad as you think because I opened this box of Spam on December 8th and had my panic attack then. But seriously, there’s only so much spam one family can eat! There’s like 48 cans of Spam in this box! I’m sure they’ll be fine even six months from now, but still.

It’s now the end of March and I still haven’t even gone through all the 2/2011 cans. So as you can see, I’m in a bit of a… Spam Jam.

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  1. Oh so cute blogpost and so funny! I DID think you were talking seriously JAM at first! LOL! I think that Spam will make it thru the next decade, the expiry date is there as a technicality- ha ha!

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