My First Loaf of Bread!

First Loaf of Bread

I know what you’re probably thinking. That is one ugly loaf of bread. But still, it’s my first ever and the whole point of doing this blog is to teach myself how to cook new things.

I’ve always been petrified of baking bread for some reason. I think maybe I’m just intimidated by the word “yeast”. Whenever I see that in a recipe my brain starts to turn around and run away screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO nononono not yeast!” I don’t know why.

Maybe micro-organisms munching on flour and ballooning up into a giant ball of dough scared me. Which is stupid because I eat bread almost every day.

To conquer my fear of yeast, I went with the simplest recipe I could, which was Your First Loaf at The Fresh Loaf. Many thanks to that blog for making it so easy for me. It went pretty painlessly. I even let the kids make their own batch and they turned it into pizzas for themselves.

Sliced Bread

It wasn’t the greatest loaf of bread, but it was my first and I was very proud of myself!

Next up, Putting Something More in Your Loaf.

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