Our First Lilikoi!!

Last year, my dad sent us a few lilikoi (passion fruit) plants that he bought for us in Hilo. Two were purple and two were yellow and only two of them survived, one of each color. Sadly, the purple one just has been sickly the whole time and hasn’t grown very well. On the other hand, the yellow one has found some steroids in our yard and shot across both sides of the fence and now is about 30 feet wide or more.

I was pretty discouraged when nothing happened, but then I looked online and saw that it’s seasonal. Around April, it started to show flowers. Tons of them. But no fruit…

Then one day, out of nowhere I found three, then two more! I don’t know how they snuck up and grew so big out of nowhere, but there they were! They’ve been taking their sweet ass time ripening too. Today while I was out in the yard, I saw that one had fallen. Normally they’re ready to pick when they get wrinkly, but I think something made it fall as the stem was snapped.

Lilikoi Fruit

I haven’t had a fresh lilikoi in a long time, so I was excited.


All I do is cut them open, sprinkle sugar, scoop, and eat. SO good. It was so good that I forgot all about wanting to plant more plants and I only remembered when Baby Girl brought me all her seeds, picked completely clean, in a ziploc bag. She didn’t want to eat them, so she sucked all the lilikoi flesh off and saved them, without even knowing what a tremendous genius she was! lol!


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  1. That sounds so great! I wish that I had enough room to grow passion fruit. This must have been extra delicious since it was one of the only fruitful survivors. ^^

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