Lilikoi Butter Deliciousness

Earlier this year, our lilikoi (pronounced lih-lee-koh-ee) vine gave us a handful of lilikois and I thought that was it because all the other flowers fell off and I thought there would be no more fruit. Months later, the vine is going crazy with fruit, so much that I have at least 60 from the last week! My mother-in-law had been asking about lilikoi butter, so Mr. Pikko asked me to make some for her. I’d never made it before or even tasted it, having mostly just drank passion orange juice or eaten the fruit

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Our First Lilikoi!!

Last year, my dad sent us a few lilikoi (passion fruit) plants that he bought for us in Hilo. Two were purple and two were yellow and only two of them survived, one of each color. Sadly, the purple one just has been sickly the whole time and hasn’t grown very well. On the other hand, the yellow one has found some steroids in our yard and shot across both sides of the fence and now is about 30 feet wide or more.

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