Thanksgiving Prep – T Day

It’s Thanksgiving and thanks to all of my prep, despite the fact that I kept falling behind, I seem to be very nicely on schedule today. Boy was I scrambling to play catch up.

On Tuesday I had to catch up with Monday’s tasks, so I baked the cheesecake. I also had to finish my Blurb planner, write my Thanksgiving bento post, bake the potatoes, refrigerate the skin, and make a pumpkin pie. I might cancel the pumpkin pie since lots of times people show up with pumpkin pies and we end up with like 3 or 4.

I also shampooed the carpets, messing up my back again in the process. I managed to bake the cheesecake and write the bento post, but overbaked the cheesecake and headed to bed at midnight with my back pain. In the morning I baked the potatoes and scooped them and uploaded the Blurb planner. I came home early from work to rest my back.

When afternoon rolled around I made the mashed potatoes and put the turkey in the oven to smoke for 8 hours. This morning I pulled all the meat off and now I’m cooking the bones for stock to make soup tomorrow! I chopped the roots, quartered the brussells sprouts, and rolled the last of the cinnamon roll dough. The corn got nixed when I forgot to go to the corn sale at work. Oops!

Cinnamon Rolls
All that’s left to do is cook the rice, make the stuffing, and fry the bacon for the potato skins. Everything else is just re-heating. A week of planning seems to have paid off and I can just clean the house and relax. Woohoo!

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