Thanksgiving Prep – T Day

It’s Thanksgiving and thanks to all of my prep, despite the fact that I kept falling behind, I seem to be very nicely on schedule today. Boy was I scrambling to play catch up.

On Tuesday I had to catch up with Monday’s tasks, so I baked the cheesecake. I also had to finish my Blurb planner, write my Thanksgiving bento post, bake the potatoes, refrigerate the skin, and make a pumpkin pie. I might cancel the pumpkin pie since lots of times people show up with pumpkin pies and we end up with like 3 or 4.

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Thanksgiving Prep – Day 2

Ugh, I’m already falling behind! I made the cranberry sauce last night according to schedule but that was seriously so easy I think my six year old could have done it. I stayed up until 1 am doing the dough for the cinnamon rolls and this morning rolled and baked two test batches.

The rolls were woefully undercooked in the first batch and the second one that I left in the oven longer was better, but still undercooked. I also put way too much sugar. It’s a good thing I’m doing test batches!

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