Thanksgiving Prep – T Day

It’s Thanksgiving and thanks to all of my prep, despite the fact that I kept falling behind, I seem to be very nicely on schedule today. Boy was I scrambling to play catch up.

On Tuesday I had to catch up with Monday’s tasks, so I baked the cheesecake. I also had to finish my Blurb planner, write my Thanksgiving bento post, bake the potatoes, refrigerate the skin, and make a pumpkin pie. I might cancel the pumpkin pie since lots of times people show up with pumpkin pies and we end up with like 3 or 4.

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Thanksgiving Prep – Day 2

Ugh, I’m already falling behind! I made the cranberry sauce last night according to schedule but that was seriously so easy I think my six year old could have done it. I stayed up until 1 am doing the dough for the cinnamon rolls and this morning rolled and baked two test batches.

The rolls were woefully undercooked in the first batch and the second one that I left in the oven longer was better, but still undercooked. I also put way too much sugar. It’s a good thing I’m doing test batches!

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Homegrown Ong Choi: The Bite Test

As I mentioned in my last post about ong choi, cooking stuff you grow at home and the stuff you buy in the market is pretty different because the stuff we grow just shoots out and grows like the wind, which means a lot of the stems are older and extremely fibrous. I’m still trying to get the hang on how to harvest it right, but in the meantime, I have a more simple (and kinda gross) method of checking the stems.

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How to Dice an Onion

You might think that telling someone how to dice an onion is a ridiculous article to have, since you can simply take a knife and hack an onion to pieces and viola! You have diced onion.

However, as many of you noob onion dicers probably know, if you cut it the wrong way, you end up doing a heck of a lot more chopping than you would like to be doing. I have always had a hard time remembering which way I’m supposed to cut the dang thing to avoid ending up with tons of C-shaped onion.

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