Homegrown Ong Choi: The Bite Test

As I mentioned in my last post about ong choi, cooking stuff you grow at home and the stuff you buy in the market is pretty different because the stuff we grow just shoots out and grows like the wind, which means a lot of the stems are older and extremely fibrous. I’m still trying to get the hang on how to harvest it right, but in the meantime, I have a more simple (and kinda gross) method of checking the stems.

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Ong Choi: The Weed That Keeps on Giving

Back when I was in high school, my mom brought home some big bunch of greens and said the farmer’s market lady told her it was ong choi and easy to cook. With just some oil, garlic, and salt fried in a pan until the leaves are cooked down and you’re done.

She gave it a try and I don’t think I tried it the first time, but my mom loved it. Eventually I realized how amazing it was in both taste and health factor.

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