Editor Wars: May the 4th Be With You

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been counting down to May the 4th since last week with a little parody series called Editor Wars. If you don’t, well, this post is to catch you up and provide everyone with my final crossover image. It was too big for Instagram, so here we are.

I can’t even remember how I came up with the idea anymore, but I started it with a play on a common editor comment I make, which is “Revise for clarity.” From there, it wasn’t hard to punch the hyperdrive on my Star Wars geek brain, and I had to begin rolling them out a week early because I kept thinking of more.

Day 2 basically wrote itself.

Day 3 might need more context for some. CMOS stands for the Chicago Manual of Style, and it’s the style guide that is the industry standard for American fiction editors.

In my mind, since Leia was an author, Luke had to be one too, and so he had to go seek out Master Yoda, legendary Jedi author.

Then came Day 5, and I had to put in my new favorite Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Since authors struggle with getting people to read their books and give feedback (which is one of the reasons why my beta reading service is so popular), this was the first thing to pop into my mind. 🙂

Day 6 is my personal fave, just because I love how “shot” and “plot” are so easily interchangeable.

Yesterday’s one proved to be the most popular, for obvious reasons.

Which brings us to today. The day the big twist in Editor Wars is revealed…

Editor Wars Finale

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the series! I had a client request I do the prequels next year, which will be much harder, since they’re so painful, stuffed away into a corner of my brain with Matrix 2 and 3.

But now that we know who Vader is…

By the way, tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story are on sale today!

May the Force be with you.

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