SimpleMarkup #57 – Literal Definitions

Happy Wednesday, fellow people of Earth! It’s delightfully rainy here in Honolulu this morning, which is my favorite kind of morning weather. I’ve got a ton of work on my desk still, but I’m clearing things off slowly but surely. Always a good feeling on a hump day.

SimpleMarkup #57

I tested this strip out on a few edibuddies last night, and almost all of them were like “Ha ha, I get it. … Wait, is that for real??”

YES. It’s real! Lisa Gilliam, one of my proofreaders, mentioned it in my office Slack channel, and sure enough, it’s a “less common” variant in both Unabridged and Collegiate!

My initial reaction:

No, seriously, years ago, a friend set me straight, and I corrected myself forevermore. I suppose I should be happy that if I wanted to, I could technically go back to my silly previous word, but simply put, I don’t want to, dang it.

Anyway, here’s a piece they wrote on it, essentially saying that enough people have made the mistake that it’s now acceptable.

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