SimpleMarkup #75 – The Language of Love

WOW! Did you notice what today marks? It’s my seventy-fifth week of SimpleMarkup. How crazy is that? Next up: 100!

This week was another winging-it week, and I didn’t come up with this one until I was actually doing it, which is really cutting it close. I’ve really got to plan this better.

Do you have plans for tomorrow? I’m personally taking it as an excuse to eat more chocolate than usual—sugar-free, of course, since less sugar has been something I’ve really come to embrace in the last year.

I’ve experienced the first panel, and let me tell you, that’s always such a wonderful surprise. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, yay! Sometimes it’s the little things.

I have yet to encounter the second. Sure, a list of words sometimes, but never a language. I don’t envy any editor that has to learn an actual language—or several, as may have been the case with George R.R. Martin’s editor(s).

Which reminds me, I’ve really got to pick up my High Valyrian lessons on Duolingo again…

Have a great rest of your week!

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