SimpleMarkup #76 – Unsolicited Side Advice

Happy Hump Day! I can’t believe February is almost over already. Darn this short month! It’s really crept up on me, which is stressful, because my March is going to be in-freaking-sane workwise, and I’m barely going to have to find time to breathe.

Which means this week, I really need to focus so that I can find time to binge Umbrella Academy. Everyone’s talking about it, and my husband insists that if I don’t see it soon, I’ll get spoiled.

Have you ever had this happen? Where your specific example involves something simple, but the rest of the sentence and the context make it incredibly not-so-simple, so you ask someone, the wrong someone, and they don’t know either, so instead of simply saying they don’t know, they choose some other part of your example and use that as the opportunity to teach you how to edit. Because if you have question, surely you know nothing!

I see this all the time online. Someone asks a question, then someone else comes and answers a completely different, unasked question that’s pretty basic and generally understood. It’s particularly annoying when the unasked-for answer is condescending. In short: Don’t do it!

That said, we all get excited sometimes. I’m probably guilty of doing it in the past, but after seeing it happen more and more, I try to be a lot more conscious about my answers, and sometimes even my participation at all.

Have a great rest of your week!

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