SimpleMarkup #84 – We’re All Ears

I am having such a hard time concentrating. There are SO MANY exciting things happening right now. Game of Thrones kicked off its final season last week. Marvel is wrapping up Phase 3 of the MCU. Spoilers for Endgame have supposedly leaked, so I’ve cut my social media and internet browsing to the bare minimum in the hopes I can remain spoiler-free until the 26th.

And in addition, this weekend is Easter. My family isn’t Christian, but Easter has been a lifelong fun holiday for us anyway, and I usually go all out in the Jell-O eggs department (I start making them tonight). I had to do my Easter goodie bag shopping for Mr. D, and thankfully found something that didn’t break the bank and won’t be too hard to assemble tonight.

I may have bought mysel— I mean, Mr. D. an Infinity War Easter basket and some Avengers Easter eggs. These things were clearly created to entrap fangirl parents such as myself.

SimpleMarkup #84

While I don’t have in-person colleagues to torment with bad puns, I am definitely that one in my family who cracks a mean pun and then cackles at it all by myself, so I am totally just like Edie in this sense. How about you? Do you like to throw out puns? Aren’t the groans the best part?

Aside from Jell-O eggs to make, I’ve got so many words to edit! Lots of great manuscripts are on my desk right now, and so I wish you all productive weeks and a Happy Easter!

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