SimpleMarkup #106 – A Shortage of Perfect Books

Happy Wednesday! I’m still on my habit-making road to getting in shape. I’ve exercised every weekday since I started, and I’ve walked the dogs every day except for last Saturday, when we had an early dinner and came home too late. It’s been hard getting up some days, but I’ve done it, and it helps to be able to say I’ve stuck with it.

If you’re doing something similar, keep going! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

I had a new batch of artwork come in this week, and I had some Edie workout stuff to use to continue my fitness theme, but then The Princess Bride was back in the news when whispers of talk about a remake came to light, and the internet LIT. ON. FIRE.

Thankfully, that story has been thrown out today, and so while we can all put down our virtual pitchforks now, I thought it’d be a fun opportunity to bring the Dread Author Roberts back.

For those of you who haven’t been reading SimpleMarkup that long, last year, Edie met a new client, who was particularly combative about his manuscript. This week, he’s back, but this time, Edie’s ready!

Have fun storming the rest of your week!

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