SimpleMarkup #108 – It’s Alive

Happy October! I’m starting off the month exhausted but happy and pleased. I got a lot done in September, and I also started food blogging again over at Adventures in Bentomaking. I’ve still got things to catch up on, but the pile is definitely better.

It’s been almost a full month since I started working out in the mornings and taking a daily walk in the afternoon, and although a lot of it had to do with the Cabbage Soup Diet I did for a week to help me get into an “eating less/eating healthier” state of mind, I’ve lost just about six pounds.

I’ve now moved on to doing the Cooking Light Diet, which I tried before and liked. If you’d like to follow my little dieting adventure, feel free to follow me on Instagram @pikkotheeditor.

And WELL, it’s officially October, so you know what that means, right?

HALLOWEEN COMICS! And Halloween puns galore! Muahaha!

I’ve done a comic on the Frankenedit before, but I couldn’t resist touching on the subject again this Halloween. Frankenstein’s author will go around gathering free sample edits from a bunch of editors to get their book edited for free. Sometimes we editors catch on and post somewhere and figure it out, informing each other which chapter number or pages we received.

Other times, I’m guessing they find enough unsuspecting editors to get their monster all patched up and ready to terrorize readers.

Edie, however, knows better.

Happy October!

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