SimpleMarkup #109 – Pumpkin Word

Oh boy. Another year, another Fall Break catches me off guard. Last week Friday Mr. D’s teacher sent home a message about stuff he can do over Fall Break, and my brain was like, What…? Fall… break…? NOW?

My week has been a bit upended, but I’m taking the opportunity to do some fun things with him, provided he lets me work now and then. Of course, I get asked seven billion questions over the course of the day, ranging from “How do you spell butts?” to “What is eighty-eight-eight-eight-eight times five?”

In the end, I have only been able to work when he sleeps or goes to sports practice, so I’ve really had to stretch my productivity scheduling.

This week’s comic has Edie kicking off her annual pun-athon. Last year, she dressed up as Count Tracula, and this year she’s got something similar to share.

I’m still going strong on daily exercise and walks, so those of you out there doing the same, keep it up! 😀

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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