SimpleMarkup #110 – Editor’s Brew

I learned something new about myself yesterday, and that is that I should not take two of my prescription allergy pills before bed. I spent most of yesterday feeling like a zombie, and I still feel like taking a nap this morning, at 9:30 a.m. It’s like my sleepy engine got infused with some special fuel, and it’s not cool.

This week’s comic addresses one of my internet peeves, and that’s when I’m all set to laugh at a meme when I spot a glaring typo. I mean, the joke is still funny, but the editor brain in me still does a little twitch. Worse, ediquette (made-up word) dictates that I need to let it go, but all the letting go I do on a regular basis sometimes feels like it’s building up inside of me.

Maybe it’s an ingredient in the meme brew? 🙂

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