SimpleMarkup #111 – Mummyscript

Whoa! It’s only a little over a week until Halloween! I’m so not ready, despite all my talk about prepping and stuff. I’ve got to start figuring out my menu and all that mess. Thankfully, I anticipate this holiday season being a lot easier shopping-wise, mostly because I’ve really gotten into using Shipt for Target shopping, which really helps me to get all the little items I forget. You know, the ones you can’t really cook without and don’t realize you forgot until you’re ready to use it? Yeah, I’m one of those people.

I did a trial a few months ago, and given how much time I’ve saved from going to the grocery store all week, it’s totally worth it, even with a subscription fee and tips. Plus, Target has pretty cheap groceries, so the savings add up there too. You can try Shipt here.

In this week’s comic, Edie goes to her client’s Halloween party and decides to drop a little joke on him. Unfortunately, he’s a little too frightened by what she says.

Have a great rest of your week!

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