SimpleMarkup #113 – Apocalyptic Spell-Checking

Welcome to November, everyone! And yikes, not only is it November, it’s already a week into November. That means I need to start worrying about things like Christmas shopping and baking and stuff. Ack!

Something new to announce for my fellow editors: I started a social networking site for the editing community, one that is off of Facebook. I’ve been reading more and more lately about things Facebook does that don’t sit well with me, and while I feel like I can’t leave because of the groups and it being a meme playground, I did want to have an option for actual business networking that wasn’t locked in there.

And so, I created the Editors Lair. If you’re an editor who wants a place to discuss the art of words, please consider joining. The Lair was created on the Mighty Networks platform. Authors are welcome to join as well, but for the most part, this is for people in the editing field, and there are private areas within the Lair that are restricted to editors.

This week’s comic touches on something that happened to me earlier this year and just happened to my team member Lisa. I spelled onomatopoeia right the first time, checked it twice while squinting at my monitor, and then made that same shocked face Edie’s making in the first panel.

I would also like to note that I did not spell it right when making this comic, so I think the world is safe for now.

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