SimpleMarkup #44 – The Hangry Editor

Happy Hump Day! Places all around the world are suffering through a heat wave right now, but fortunately for us in Hawaii, it hasn’t been too bad. Warm and uncomfortable, sure, but not record-high, overcook-your-eggs-on-the-sidewalk hot. Hopefully wherever you are, you’re keeping cool somehow.

This week’s comic covers something I know many of you have probably experienced: the dreaded menu typos. What is one to do? Politely inform the waiter? Refuse to order typoed menu items? Stealthily take out the Sharpie from your purse and make the correction? What about the other menus? What is one to do?!

SimpleMarkup #44 - The Hangry Editor

In Edie’s case, this menu was too far gone, and she insisted she couldn’t eat there.

How about you? What is your typical reaction to a menu faux pas?

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1 thought on “SimpleMarkup #44 – The Hangry Editor”

  1. This is me every time I go out to eat. Except I just take pictures of the menu and laugh and laugh and laugh…

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