SimpleMarkup #134 – Alternate Phrasing

Woohoo! March, the year-month from hell, is finally behind us! And today is my birthday, and do you know what’s my favorite thing to do on my birthday?

I love posting April Fools’ jokes. So if you saw my typo-riddled comic and came here to tell me that I ought to be arrested for posting a comic in that shape, well… here’s the real one:

To read my other April Fools’ jokes posted today, you can check out my Hunger Games one and my Pikko’s House one. And if you got here on your own, not through social media, make sure you check out my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see what the joke comic version looked like.

I’ve had people messaging me to say they hope I’ll be able to have a great birthday despite social distancing and self-isolation, and I just wanted to take a minute to say how grateful I am to have friends who care about me and take the time to text me or PM me or tag me or post on my Facebook wall. I can assure you that I will have a wonderful birthday—mostly because when I was doing my pandemic shopping, I made sure to buy all the ingredients to make a Matilda-sized chocolate cake.

I did, ahem, conveniently forget to buy myself number candles.

Anyway, I know it’s been rough for everyone, and it can be hard to get through the days lately. I hope one or some or all of these April Fools’ posts can bring a smile to your face today. That would be a great birthday gift as I take another step into my forties. 🙂

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