Phillip Sells Himself to Boston Rob

With last week’s bitchin’ tribal council to live up to, my expectations were a bit higher for this week’s episode of Survivor, titled ‘You Own My Vote’. Unfortunately, Episode 2 just didn’t deliver. Sure, it was amusing to see Phillip lay down and profess his undying love to Rob, but it’s pretty stupid to hear him talk about fighting like an animal at a challenge when he’s just come from whoring himself out to someone he’s probably physically stronger than.

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Russelvivor 3: Redemption Island Begins

Survivor: Redemption Island

When Survivor: Samoa began, there was no doubt in my mind that Russell Hantz was the most horrifying contestant ever to grace our reality tv eyes.

Towards the middle of the season, it started to become abundantly clear that the only reason the season was so fantastically juicy and fun to watch was because of that short little insecure man. From then on, I was a huge Russell Hantz fan.

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