13 Minor Characters to Remember from ‘Lord Snow’

Thought you were having trouble keeping your main characters straight in Game of Thrones? Time to start taking notes because last week’s episode of Game of Thrones introduced a slew of new characters that seem to be unimportant, but will eventually play vital roles in the storyline down the road. Here are 13 characters that made their first appearance in Episode 03, Lord Snow, that you’ll need to remember.

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The Fringe Ship Sails Out of ‘6B’

Before I go over last week’s episode, let me just get this off my chest.


Whew! What a load off that is, seriously. Now to get on with recapping one of the most romantic-sad episodes of tv I’ve seen since The X-Files aired the episode ‘The Field Where I Died” in 1996 in which Mulder meets his reincarnated star-crossed lover during a cult standoff.

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