Monopoly Junior Great for Young Kids

Monopoly JuniorA couple months back my kids really got into board games, insisting, no matter what I said about the age range, that they wanted to play the Game of Life, which sat unopened in our closet from a long ago Black Friday sale until they got old enough to play. We gave it a try and surprisingly enough, they loved it. Since the only other games we own are Settlers of Catan (which they’d already played banker for several times) and my special The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Monopoly, naturally they wanted to play Monopoly.

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4″ Flocked Domokun Figure

4" DomokunAs many of my online friends know, I’m one of those weird people that have a huge toy-crush on the Japanese tv mascot Domokun. I have a little brigade of colored little Domo-qees around my house, making hilarious poses and trying to bite various things.

That means that when the new “flocked” Domo toys became available, I was suddenly gasping for air and wanting one immediately.

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