Recipe: Japanese Ozoni Soup

Although I will be 34 this year, this New Year’s is the first time I’ve made my own ozoni. Ozoni is a Japanese New Year’s soup that I can remember eating from small kid time, but I usually just eat soup other people prepare. From eating it through the years, I knew what the basics were, but I wasn’t sure about a recipe, so I asked around Twitter and Facebook. The responses I got and the articles I found online all seemed extremely basic. So although I got some helpful tips, I ended up deciding it was simple enough for me to just wing it.

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4″ Flocked Domokun Figure

4" DomokunAs many of my online friends know, I’m one of those weird people that have a huge toy-crush on the Japanese tv mascot Domokun. I have a little brigade of colored little Domo-qees around my house, making hilarious poses and trying to bite various things.

That means that when the new “flocked” Domo toys became available, I was suddenly gasping for air and wanting one immediately.

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