4th of July Party Food

When we bought the big water slide for Baby Girl’s birthday party, we knew it meant using it at least one more time for it to be worth the purchase price. We decided to use 4th of July as an excuse for a big water slide party again and in the end, we had 13 kids running around our yard squealing and sliding and flinging water balloons. I made hot dogs, fried burgers, and made three different types of Independence Day food!

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No-Fail Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I have a long history of terrifying chocolate disasters, the most popular documentation being my Oreo Truffles Ordeal of 2010. I completely hate chocolate dipping because I seem to be utterly incapable of making anything without ruining at least one batch of chocolate and shrieking in anguish.

This is why when I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries, I was going to use something even I couldn’t fail at: CANDY MELTS.

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