Baby Girl Cooks Spaghetti and Meatballs

With my son playing two sports and us going to so many games, it’s become tough to find something for my daughter to do, especially since she inherited my tendency to be allergic to playing sports.

A lot of hobbies and activities for creative girls seem to costs arms and legs. $20 an hour for sewing lessons? $95 for a single jewelry class? Ugh.

I want to sign her up for aikido like I used to take, but overlap with dance is making that not worth the much more reasonable $30/month fee. I think I’ll look up drawing classes, too.

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Review: Simply Ming One Pot Meals Part 3

Simply MingThis is Part 3 of my review series on Simply Ming One-Pot Meals: Quick, Healthy & Affordable Recipes, which begins to explore the recipes in the book and evaluates taste, accuracy, and difficulty level.

As mentioned in Part 1, the cookbook is split into five different sections. The recipe that I tried first is in the Saute section and I chose this because it was the first thing I could make without making a special trip to the market: Asian Spaghetti.

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