Breaking Dawn Delivers for Fans, Probably Bores Everyone Else

Last night I was lucky enough to go to Breaking Dawn with some friends instead of alone, which was looking entirely possible with the stubborn refusal of my husband to go with me for this one. After Jacob ripped his shirt off in Eclipse and declared he was hot, I think he was done with Twilight forever. Which makes it a good thing that he didn’t go to Breaking Dawn because Jacob Black set an all time record here, ripping his shirt off in the first 2 minutes of the movie.

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‘Warrior’ Throws Emotional Punches

WarriorBeing a long time fan of the UFC, when I first saw the preview for Warrior, I wasn’t all that thrilled or interested in seeing it. However, I was still curious. On Friday, tweets were showing up online about how good it was. Then when I heard that you could see the teaser for The Hunger Games and that tipped me over. I told hubby we should see it and he said we could take in two movies, the other being Contagion.

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‘Orphan’ a Detriment to Russian Adoptions

Orphan PosterHaving recently subscribed to HBO and Showtime to watch Game of Thrones, I taped the movie Orphan one day out of curiosity.

It took me a while to get to it, as I knew it was an evil child movie and I tend to find those boring and outdone, especially after I’d just watched the terrible Case 39. Really, that was an awful, awful movie.

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‘Case 39’: Something Borrowed, Nothing New

Case 39 Poster

One of the downsides of Redbox is that with DVD rentals being so dirt cheap, you kind of feel obligated to rent something once you start browsing. After all, it’s only a dollar, right? What doesn’t get taken into account is the time you waste when you rent a real stinker of a movie. Such was the case with Case 39, which started out with potential, but eventually became your standard movie about an evil but innocent looking kid. Wildly original!

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