Mango Sorbet Mania

It’s been raining mangoes down here at the Pikko household, with this week bringing a particularly heavy set of fruit deciding it was time to plunge down to the ground without waiting for us. We gave away almost 20 manoges on Easter Sunday, but by the time Wednesday rolled around, we had over sixty that we had either picked or picked up from the ground and were partially salvageable. I’d wake up the morning after picking in the afternoon and find five more on the ground. So frustrating!

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Fondant Figure Easter Cupcakes

The Easter cupcakes are done and I’m very happy to report that they came out just as planned! I was so scared that I was going to have spent hours on the figures only to mess them up when it came to frosting. Aside from the figures I made, I had a nest of eggs to do.

This afternoon, I made two sets of frosting: green buttercream (using Bakerella’s recipe) and chocolate cream cheese frosting (from Cupcake Project).

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Making Easter Cupcake Figures

This post has been imported from my old cooking blog Learn 2 Cook.

This Easter we’re having a big party and egg hunt so I’ve planned to make, among other things, Easter themed cupcakes. With my new love for fondant still fresh on the brain, I wanted to go with cupcakes topped with cute fondant figures. I started off with a sketch and plan for four different cupcakes: a chick in an egg, a bunny, a nest of eggs, and a sheep. I ended up adding a piggy and bumblebee.

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Making a 9th Anniversary FFXI Cake

It’s hard to believe that just at the start of this month, I’d never done a fondant cake before because I was too scared and now here I am two weeks later doing my second. I wasn’t even planning on doing it. The opportunity just presented itself.

Last week, my boss said she wanted to do a little cake celebration for my co-worker on Monday. I volunteered to bake a cake since I still had tons of black fondant leftover from my Hunger Games cake.

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