Making the Little Endless Cake

It feels like lately all I’ve been doing is “Making” posts, but ultimately, I think you guys enjoy them and opportunities keep coming up for me to do a huge project and then post about it so I just have to go with the flow of my projects.

I have quite a few reviews pending and more recipe posts, but once I finish a massive cake project, I have motivation to get the photos out there so that I can share my latest work. The latest is Sandman!

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Fondant Figure Easter Cupcakes

The Easter cupcakes are done and I’m very happy to report that they came out just as planned! I was so scared that I was going to have spent hours on the figures only to mess them up when it came to frosting. Aside from the figures I made, I had a nest of eggs to do.

This afternoon, I made two sets of frosting: green buttercream (using Bakerella’s recipe) and chocolate cream cheese frosting (from Cupcake Project).

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Making Easter Cupcake Figures

This post has been imported from my old cooking blog Learn 2 Cook.

This Easter we’re having a big party and egg hunt so I’ve planned to make, among other things, Easter themed cupcakes. With my new love for fondant still fresh on the brain, I wanted to go with cupcakes topped with cute fondant figures. I started off with a sketch and plan for four different cupcakes: a chick in an egg, a bunny, a nest of eggs, and a sheep. I ended up adding a piggy and bumblebee.

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