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Thanksgiving Prep – Day 2

Ugh, I’m already falling behind! I made the cranberry sauce last night according to schedule but that was seriously so easy I think my six year old could have done it. I stayed up until 1 am doing the dough for the cinnamon rolls and this morning rolled and baked two test batches.

The rolls were woefully undercooked in the first batch and the second one that I left in the oven longer was better, but still undercooked. I also put way too much sugar. It’s a good thing I’m doing test batches!

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Independence Musubis

4th of July Party Food

When we bought the big water slide for Baby Girl’s birthday party, we knew it meant using it at least one more time for it to be worth the purchase price. We decided to use 4th of July as an excuse for a big water slide party again and in the end, we had 13 kids running around our yard squealing and sliding and flinging water balloons. I made hot dogs, fried burgers, and made three different types of Independence Day food!

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Making Domokun Cake Pops

By now anyone who is a friend of mine on Facebook is probably aware that I’m one of those slightly crazy people that have an abnormal attraction to all things Domokun.

I have lots of Domo Qees. I own several Domo shirts. I bought Domo shirts for both my kids. I even have some on my keychain. I play Planet Domo on Facebook and have gotten Buddy totally addicted to it too.

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The Little Endless Cake

Making the Little Endless Cake

It feels like lately all I’ve been doing is “Making” posts, but ultimately, I think you guys enjoy them and opportunities keep coming up for me to do a huge project and then post about it so I just have to go with the flow of my projects.

I have quite a few reviews pending and more recipe posts, but once I finish a massive cake project, I have motivation to get the photos out there so that I can share my latest work. The latest is Sandman!

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Castle Cake

Making a Wilton Castle Cake

A couple months back while browsing on Amazon, I came across the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set and knew I had to give it a try for Baby Girl’s birthday party. We had the party yesterday and it was a crazy affair, with a total of 14 kids and a Double Cannon Blast Slide (though we bought a different, better model of the same thing from Sam’s Club). Anyway, here’s my account of the ordeal I went through to make this cake.

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Cupcake Cones

Making Bakerella’s Cupcake Cones

This week has been a hectic one, since Baby Girl turned 7 this week. We had her party yesterday, but I sent her to school with cupcake cones from Bakerella’s cookbook Cake Pops. I went to both Walmart and Ben Franklin and neither of them had pink, so I had to just buy white. I had to make 18 cones.


If you’ve made these before, you probably know something I know and that is that styrofoam blocks are expensive. And they’re even worse when your pops tip over, making the holes useless for another use. Since I didn’t want to buy styrofoam, I used upside down recycled meat trays instead. Worked out perfectly!!

I simply took a knife and cut crisscrossing lines and then used a cone to punch through.

Cut Cones

Sugar cones are too big for these treats, so you have to cut the cones shorter to use less cake. I used a serrated steak knife to slowly saw the cones down, then snapped off the jagged parts. I broke a lot and ended up with exactly 18 cones to use.

Measuring the cake balls

Next, I measured each cake ball to make sure it fit with the cone. My cake balls and cones were of varying sizes, so I had to do this for each one and adjust as needed. I’d made the cake balls the night before, which helped a LOT.

Dipping cones

Next, I dropped the ball into the melted white melts and used a spoon to coat it and take it out. I scooped it onto the cone and put sprinkles, then let it dry. After they were dry, I put chocolate on top and topped it with a red M&M.

Cupcake Cones
They didn’t look perfect, as my chocolate on top never did melt as good as the white melts did and so I just had to goop it on as best I could. Still, they were very pretty. I waited until they dried, then put them in plastic baggies and tied them with ribbon. We took them to school in a little basket from Easter and they were a hit with the kids, though Baby Girl said that the cone was a little stale, which I’d warned her might happen.

All in all, much less painful than my last pop experience.

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Sliced Bread

My First Loaf of Bread!

First Loaf of Bread

I know what you’re probably thinking. That is one ugly loaf of bread. But still, it’s my first ever and the whole point of doing this blog is to teach myself how to cook new things.

I’ve always been petrified of baking bread for some reason. I think maybe I’m just intimidated by the word “yeast”. Whenever I see that in a recipe my brain starts to turn around and run away screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO nononono not yeast!” I don’t know why. Continue reading “My First Loaf of Bread!” »

Sheep Cupcake

Fondant Figure Easter Cupcakes

The Easter cupcakes are done and I’m very happy to report that they came out just as planned! I was so scared that I was going to have spent hours on the figures only to mess them up when it came to frosting. Aside from the figures I made, I had a nest of eggs to do.

This afternoon, I made two sets of frosting: green buttercream (using Bakerella’s recipe) and chocolate cream cheese frosting (from Cupcake Project).

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