Peanut Butter Fruit and Compulsive Tree Shopping

When we first moved into the house, me and Mr. Pikko took turns buying trees we wanted or thought were cool. In the end we had a lime, a Meyer lemon, a mountain apple (from my dad), an orange, a jaboticaba, a pomegranate, bananas, and a peanut butter fruit tree.

The reason he bought the peanut butter tree was because Baby Girl can’t eat any nuts due to her being allergic to cashews.

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Garden Log: Hardy Kiwi Started

Have you ever heard of the ‘hardy kiwi’? They’re sometimes called ‘kiwi berries’. It’s a plant native to China, Korea, and Siberia and is essentially a green grape that looks like a kiwi inside.

Is that not like one of the coolest fruits you’ve ever heard of? I LOVE kiwis, but I can’t stand those times when I don’t cut enough flesh off and I’m left with needles poking my tongue. That’s seriously no fun at all.

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Our First Lilikoi!!

Last year, my dad sent us a few lilikoi (passion fruit) plants that he bought for us in Hilo. Two were purple and two were yellow and only two of them survived, one of each color. Sadly, the purple one just has been sickly the whole time and hasn’t grown very well. On the other hand, the yellow one has found some steroids in our yard and shot across both sides of the fence and now is about 30 feet wide or more.

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