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Browse through the various novels, novellas, anthologies, and short stories that I have edited or beta read.

Editing/Beta Work

Below you will find project files for my editing and beta reading work. The portfolio for proofreading can be found here. Mahalo!

Novels (Editing)

The Tracker by Chad Zunker
A.L.I.V.E. by R.D. Brady
D.E.A.D. by R.D. Brady
The Belial Library by R.D. Brady
Chimera by N.J. Tanger
Helios by N.J. Tanger
Ceres by N.J. Tanger
Ascension by N.J. Tanger
The Mage and the Magpie by Austin J. Bailey
The Paradise Twin by Austin J. Bailey
The Bridge to Nowhere by Austin J. Bailey
Alternate (Omnibus Edition) by Ernie Luis
Sienna McKnight by R.K. Syrus
The Pearl Diver by S. Elliot Brandis
An Imperfect Princess by Catherine Blakeney
The Last Breath by Charlie Magee
Simon Fayter and the Doors of Bone by Austin J. Bailey
The Fatal Rose by J.M. Lominy
Escape to Ash Island by J.H. Lucas
Mizgot by Helric
The Gallery of Wonders by Marc Remus (Magora, Book 1)
The Golden Maple Tree by Marc Remus (Magora, Book 2)
The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus (Magora, Book 3)
The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus (Magora, Book 3)
Music City Macabre by Bob Williams
Arch City Apocalypse by Bob Williams
Blood and Chaos by Bob Williams
The Prometheus Effect by David Fleming
Mountain Son by L.C. Graves
The Orphan Fleet by Brendan Detzner
Pirate Queen: Book of the Navigator by H.N. Klett
Confrontational French by Jonny Effing Lucas
The Human Wilderness by S.H. Livernois
27 Revelations by Harlow Hayes
The Sleepless, Insomnolence Book 1 by D.K. Cassidy
The Dreamers, Insomnolence Book 2 by D.K. Cassidy
The Fat Bitch Diet by A.R. Khan
Horns of the Ram by Austin Rogers
New Sun Rising by Lindsay Edmunds
Special Counsel by Scott Matthews (Adam Drake Series, Book 5)
The Somali Deception by Daniel Arthur Smith
Fracture Point by J. Singh
The Extraordinary Adventures of Normal Norman & The Myhr of Atlantium by Tim Goehle
Elysian Fields by Anne Gabriels

Novels/Novellas/Serials (Beta)

The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey
Third Shift: Pact by Hugh Howey
After the Fall by David Nees
Pale Bricks by K.L. Stein
Little Computer People by Galen Surlak-Ramsey
The Truth About Forever by Cole Lepley
After the Fall by David Nees
After the Fall by David Nees
Little Computer People by Galen Surlak-Ramsey


Backwards by Ernie Luis
Aversion by Ernie Luis
Rescission by Ernie Luis
The Plucker by D.K. Cassidy
L'Dopterra, Part 1: Homecoming by Timothy E. Jorgensen
L'Dopterra, Part 1: Homecoming by Timothy E. Jorgensen
The Killswitch by Ernie Luis
The Gems of Time by Brandon Waggle
Hugh Howey Lives by Daniel Arthur Smith
Auxiliary Hero Corps Book 2 by Charles Eugene Anderson
Book Simulator by Chris Yee
Naked Monk, Part 1: Diligence by Hugo Bernard
A Trinity of Wicked Tales: Jilted Love by Kyla Ross
The Belial Witches by R.D. Brady
Madhouse by Brendan Quinn
Agroland by Daniel Arthur Smith


The Time Travel Chronicles (Future Chronicles Book 10)
The Cyborg Chronicles (The Future Chronicles)
Mosaics, Volume 1 (Independent Women Anthology)
The Doomsday Chronicles by The Future Chronicles
The Shapeshifter Chronicles by The Future Chronicles
The Jurassic Chronicles by The Future Chronicles


Short Stories

The Empty Throne by Austin J. Bailey
What’s Done In The Dark by L.L. Sanders
Don’t Scream by L.L. Sanders
Sarfer by Daniel Arthur Smith
Blood Psychics by Lindsay Edmunds
Opening Day by Daniel Arthur Smith
Snow Towns by Zach Gamble
The Compass of Never Lost by Tim Goehle
The Red Queen by Gibson Morales
Tower (Tales from the Canyon of the Damned) by Daniel Arthur Smith
Tales From the Canyons of the Damned Vol. 1 by Daniel Arthur Smith
Tales From the Canyons of the Damned Vol. 2 by Daniel Arthur Smith
The Traveler by Stefan Bolz
Extant by Anthony Vicino
The Diatomic Quantum Flop by Daniel Arthur Smith
Meddler by Ernie Luis
Beasts of the Earth by Ernie Lindsey
Upgrade Complete by Paul K. Swardstrom
Hide and Seek by Eric Tozzi
Johnny Rangers Space Detective by Artie Cabrera
Liza's Clones by Joshua Ingle
The Slip by E.R. Arroyo
Book of Lilith by P.K. Tyler
Avendui 5ive by P.K. Tyler
Power Outage by Holly Heisey
The Escapist by S.H. Livernois
Among the Monsters by S.H. Livernois
Preservation by Michael Patrick Hicks
Breakdown by Christopher Boore
Pops by Bob Williams
Pops by Bob Williams


Nurse Your Skin To Health by Nan Brown and Lil Bogdan
Identity Code: Accessing the Divine Blueprint by Katie Regan
The Plant to Plate Cookbook by Catherine Niggemeier

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